Are Blarney Hot Air Balloon Advertising

Rooftop Cold-Air Inflatable

Advertise with cold-air inflatables — on the roof or on the ground in front of your business.  Imagine how many people will stop and shop at your business simply because this unique advertising tool has caught their attention and interest outside of your business. Increased visibility directly increases your sales potential. Historically, people driving and walking by shops account for more than 50% of your business.

Rental Price Lists:
3 Days $800.00
1 Week $1000.00
2 Weeks $1500.00
3 Weeks $2200.00


  1. Set-up:  1-2 men on site during set and operation.
  2. Stock Banners: “Sale”  “Grand Opening”
  3. Night Lighting Package with On-Site Generator.

TERMS: 50% down, balance due upon completion.
NOTE: Additional size cold air and special shapes available for rent or sale.
Custom Banners: We offer customer banners with your company’s name and logo and prices are quoted based on request.

Blimp Promotions

Advertising blimps are our biggest seller and are the easiest to use and most dramatic. Tethered and filled with helium, the blimp acts like a large weather vane. It rotates with the wind and keeps your message in constant view of your customers. Advertising blimps will be a great investment in your advertising and marketing program. Owning or renting an advertising balloon is like having your very own billboard — but at a fraction of the cost! When your balloon is mounted on the roof or flying in the sky, you’re letting everybody know that you are open and ready for business. Our large balloons are designed to attract the people who are passing by your location and are most likely to become your next customer. Our balloons are used for grand openings, retail sales, trade shows, dealer sales, fairs, festivals and other events that need increased visibility.  Please contact us to discuss special-shape advertising inflatables.

Blimp Rental Rates (21′ Model with Night Lighting)
1 Days $750
2-3 Days $500/Day
7+ Days $400/Day
Our Blimps can carry two banners with one on each side.
Signs - per side (2 side maximum)
1 Color $250
Additional Color $50
Artwork By Quote
Signs are the property of the advertiser and are re-usable.
$25.00/side Installation and Removal Fee if supplied by the advertiser or re-installed.


Set-up:  1-2 men on site during operation at all times
HEIGHT: Maximum 200′ feet above ground level

TERMS: 50% Down, Balance due upon completion
NOTE: Additional Size Blimps Available for Rent or Sale

Balloon Banner Advertising
A hot-air balloon creates excitement that attracts and holds everyone’s attention. Imagine the impact of seeing your company’s name, logo or product displayed on a flying billboard that is over ten stories tall! Commercial balloons displaying company logos make an excellent marketing medium for creating prestige and positive brand-name recognition.  A corporate balloon is an excellent addition to any existing marketing program, and it’s not surprising that many major companies such as Disney and Re-Max have included advertising balloons in their marketing strategies.

How can a hot-air balloon complement your existing marketing program?

Community Involvement
Our balloon team can provide demonstrations at schools and other local charity events (an American Cancer Society drive, for example) by providing a balloon for you to sponsor. Your balloon could be tethered to the ground, or you can offer rides to the spectators for a nominal fee.  The fees could then be donated to the event’s charity, while the balloon sponsor receives free media coverage with advertising value that far exceeds the cost of the entire program. Corporate hot-air balloons create product awareness while building stronger community relationships.

Special Events
By flying or tethering the balloon at trade shows, conventions and other corporate events and promotions, your sponsor will receive unsurpassed media attention.  In addition to the spectators attending the event, the balloon carries your message to the surrounding countryside, increasing the exposure to millions more who are exposed to your colorful flying billboard in the sky.

Sponsor Rides
Offering rides in the corporate balloon to major customer accounts, employees of the month and charity donors are a few examples to the unlimited potential of company balloon program.

Promotional Items
Everyone knows the value of providing promotional items with your company logo to create brand awareness and product recognition.  The balloon team can provide these promotional items for distribution to the public and sponsors.  These items can include an actual pin of the balloon, baseball caps, shirts and other apparel items.  The possibilities are endless.

Aer Blarney Balloons offers a full-service, aerial advertising company and welcomes the opportunity to discuss all the possibilities available to you.  Our company provides professional management and operations support, offering you as much or as little involvement as you like.

We can help you achieve your marketing goals, because balloons provide the flexibility to go directly to the target market.  We will work to maximize the exposure your balloon receives by sending out press releases, offering rides and providing interviews whenever possible. Our balloons project a positive image that creates brand recognition and leaves a lasting impression. They are extremely photogenic — an instantly intriguing medium that inherently generates free media coverage with advertising value that far exceeds the cost of operating a hot-air balloon program.

We offer several advertising options that can be customized to meet your company’s budget and individual needs.

Basket Banners
We offer advertising space on one or both sides of our baskets.  You can advertise with one or two basket banners during our regular, chartered balloon flights, which last about an hour.  The cost to fly basket banners is $200.00 per banner per flight. You can provide your own banner, or we can have one custom-made for an additional fee.

Balloon Banners
Our balloons are capable of carrying custom banners on two sides that can display 24′ wide x 16′ high advertising banner during our regular, chartered, one-hour flights.  We can carry your banner on a per-flight basis or on a contracted schedule of appearances.

Custom Balloons
A corporate balloon is an excellent addition to any existing marketing campaign.  It delivers a message about the company behind the product and is a reflection of the company. Let Aer Blarney show you how you can own your very own beautiful balloon!  We can put your dream aerostat on paper, and then the craftsman at Lindstrand Balloons can build you the safest balloon in the industry.  Whether it’s a standard shape balloon for your own private fun or a special-shape balloon that will draw the attention of everyone, Lindstrand Balloons and Aer Blarney Balloons are ready to custom-build whatever you can imagine!

We can provide you with a balloon-advertising program that meets both your needs and your operating budgets. Contact us to design your corporate balloon program.