Hot Air Balloon Crew Member

If you have watched hot air balloons being prepared, the question that is often asked is “who are all those people rou

nd the hot air balloon?” Well it’s called the ground crew or more commonly the chase crew and is usually between 2 to 3 people.
We are looking for anyone interested in becoming a hot air balloon ground crew member. Our balloon crew is comprised of mostly volunteers. Crewing provides the opportunity to learn about the various aspects of ballooning and general aviation. We also offered paid positions as well with flexible schedule

This job is mostly fun – and you’ll learn how hot air balloons operate. You would need to be available for up to three hours, be on time, and ready for some light physical work unloading and packing up the balloon after flight. If you are interested please let me know!

As crew you will perform the following tasks:
- Unpack the Hot Air Balloon components form the vehicle or trailer
- Assemble the basket and envelope
- Assist the pilot inflating the balloon envelope and preparing it for flight
- Follow the Hot Air Balloon in the chase vehicle
- Assist the pilot after landing
- Deflate and pack up the balloon components back in the chase vehicle
- Assist the passengers and pilot in a post flight celebration.

Some of these crew duties may involve:
- Lifting heavy objects
- Operating a gasoline powered fan
- Driving a vehicle with a trailer
- Reading a road map
- Talking on a two-way radio

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